Risk Management Services for the Medical Fraternity

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LEGALMD is India’s first professional firm guiding Medical Providers in field of Risk Management, Audit of critical documents, Legal Support in case of any Medico Negligence issue, Indemnity/Liability/Errors & Omission Insurance, Training on ‘Subsiding the Risk of Medico Negligence Issues’, Recruitment Support, Rehabilitation and Crisis PR support in case of any untowardly issue for them or their practice.

We are committed to working with complete fairness to ensure our partnered Doctor’s focus stays on their practice . For this we have the right team, right partners in our Legal teams, Insurance, PR, Training and others who are committed to offer world-class  services to our Doctor Partners.


LegalMD Services at affordable prices


Individual Doctors

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Medical Centre/Hospital

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Radiology/Pathology Laboratory

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Management and Experience

LegalMD brings in decades of experience in handling Doctors. Unlike other Legal Firms in similar business, we work as true partners, wherein our team believes in explaining the true benefits of our bundled product, transparently sharing the inclusions and exclusions of our offerings, providing multiple payment options and above all stay in regular touch across the year as true relationship managers.